Garbage Minutes (A Winning Time Podcast) #7 – “Invisible Man”

On this week’s episode of Garbage Minutes, Randy and Sean take a short (but sweet) dive into the dreadful Monopoly metaphors and basketball scenes of “Invisible Man”, while taking a moment to appreciate the few bright moments of a (really) bad episode. Plus – Randy does math!

Garbage Minutes is the companion pod to The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast, a (semi-regular)weekly show hosted by Processed Media’s Randy Dankievitch and Tilt Magazine contributor Sean Colletti, with new episodes debuting each Monday throughout the first season.

Opening Music: “Conquer Fearz” by Ginger Slim

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Randy Dankievitch

Randy is the founder of Processed Media and The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast, and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved TV critic. He's written about TV and culture across the internet since 2010, and also writes for UpPortland Magazine and Goomba Stomp/Tilt Magazine.

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