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Wondering what to watch this summer? For the 13th summer in a row, I’ve got you covered, with a mix of season reviews, episodic coverage – and of course, some juicy Second Looks (along with a possible few unannounced surprises, if life and time allow it).

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Two Guys, a Girl and a Guy


Second Look – Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place season 1: after a brief hiatus (due to the conflating circumstances of a new puppy and a new house), Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place reviews will resume later today, and will publish three times a week until the season finale.

Season review – Fallout season 1 (June 17): I’ve seen the last three episodes of Fallout‘s first season, but life circumstances prevented me from writing reviews of those final hours. In lieu of that, I’ll offer my thoughts on the season as a whole next week!

The Boys Season 4

This Month

Episode reviews – The Boys season 4 (begin June 13): after covering season two and parts of season three at TILT (RIP), my coverage of Amazon’s hilarious, violent series moves home for season four. Reviews for the first three episodes will publish this week, with ongoing reviews each Thursday.

Friends The One at the Beach


Second Look – Friends Season 4 (begins July 1): with season 3 in the rearview (and ‘remastered’ reviews from seasons 1 and 2 in the works… more on that later this year), it’s time to turn our attention to the transitional fourth season of Friends – which features some of the best and worst overarching plots of the series. After the first week of reviews, new reviews will publish every Tuesday and Thursday.

Season review – Time Bandits (July 24): Look, I’m a much bigger fan of Jermaine Clement than I am of Taiki Waititi – and though I’ve yet to experience most of their collaborative small screen efforts, a Time Bandits adaptation (starring Lisa Kudrow, among many others) co-created by the two (alongside Iain Morris) is one of but a few intriguing new offerings this summer – albeit one with some behind-the-scenes controversy.


Episode reviews – Batman: Caped Crusader (begins August 1): reviewing an animated series in the current state of superhero cinema might be a fool’s errand – but anyone who sat through my 40+ reviews of 2 Broke Girls certainly knows I’m a glutton for punishment, especially if it comes at the cost of my dearest childhood memories. Not to say I’m pessimistic on Batman: Caped Crusader – and hey, at least we know this show isn’t going to be immediately canceled after its premiere, given the two-season order it received after being greenlit. Either way, reviews of the season’s 10 episodes will begin August 1, publishing Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through August.

Season review – The Umbrella Academy season 4 (August 8): Even though I didn’t enjoy The Umbrella Academy‘s first season (or the second, or most of the third), there’s always been just enough glimpses of hope to keep me vaguely interested in the series… though after three years since the end of season three, those details are a bit fuzzy until I make time for a rewatch. With only six episodes in its final season, I’m optimistic that a leaner, more focused The Umbrella Academy might actually be able to stick the landing, whatever that might be (and if it lives up to the hype, I might just surprise everyone with episode reviews).

Season review – Terminator Zero (August 29): It’s a fucking Terminator anime, of course I’m going to check this out.



Second Look – Frasier Season 2 (begins September 20) – 30 years ago, Frasier‘s second season premiered – this September, we’ll take a trip back to Seattle, to see if Frasier found any sense of consistency with its sophomore effort.

Second Look – LOST Season 1 (begins September 22): It’s been 20 years since LOST began – and given it remains a GOAT of network television, it’s only fitting we celebrate by going back to the island one more time to revisit each episode of its iconic freshman season.

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