PM @ TILT: The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 5 Review – “Endure and Survive”

The Last of Us Endure and Survive

As a morality play, The Last of Us‘ story really only has three rules: 1) do bad things and bad shit will happen to you; 2) do good things and bad shit will happen to you; and, of course, 3) repeat one and two ad nauseum until everyone is miserable. “Endure and Survive,” though a distinct reference to the comic book Sam and Ellie enjoy together, is also a bit of a challenge – or perhaps a promise – to the audience as it completes its Kansas City two-hander in violent fashion, a reminder that there will never be light at the end of this tunnel, and we can only run for so long before we are consumed by what we compromise.

Before “Endure and Survive” can get to the 1st and 7th priorities of Kathleen, however, The Last of Us‘ fifth episode backtracks ten days to fill everyone in on the events happening around Joel and Ellie during “Hold to My Hand”. In case you were confused by the opening scene of last week’s episode, “Endure and Survive” confirms that yes, the only Black and Jewish characters in Kansas City are co-conspirators with fascist FEDRA… who, ten days ago, were somehow taken out by Kathleen, who was just picking up the mantle of her (kinder and gentler?) revolutionary brother, who was just too goddamn forgiving and empathetic to survive in this world.

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